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Invest in Traded Endowment Policies with more than 5% of interest rates.

3 Simple Steps for Highest Returns

Step 1: Choose a policy

Have you seen our policies in our PolicyMax list? Choose your desired policy to enhance your portfolio.
Or get in touch with our representative for best policy.

Step 2: Absolute Assignment

All policies will be done through absolute assignment from respective insurers.
The whole process can be done within the day itself.

Step 3: An official statement

Receive an official statement from insurer.
Become the new owner of the policies.

Investment Benefits of TEPs

Shorter Time to Maturity

With Traded Endowment Policy as short as 3 to 10 years. You can expect your maturity sum earlier than first-hand endowment.

Ease of Cash flow Planning

Projection of premiums and maturity payout are known and fixed on certain dates.

High Level of Compliance

All our endowments are MAS licensed insurers and governed by strict regulations by the authority. They are also covered under policy owners’ protection scheme by SDIC.

Exemption From Tax

Proceeds from insurance are not considered as income and free from tax.

Hassle-Free Application

Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs) are open for everyone regardless of nationality, health status, age (at least 21 years old), and income earning. As of now, no health checking or fact-finding are required.

No Hidden Charges

As a new Policy Holder, you only pay for the initial sum and the premiums incurred every year. No hidden charges or additional fees.

Case Studies

Education Plan

Do you know that to prepare your Child’s Education, you need at least $250,000 throughout two decades from Day care to University fees? It would be nerve-racking as a parent, you are responsible for the Education Planning. It is essential to have your Child’s education fund ready. The shortest way to achieve this amount is through Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs). Policy Max is offering TEPs with 5x the saving for your child’s future and it is the best education plan in Singapore. Contact us now.

Current TEP Buyers

Looking for a good endowment plan? Fret not, Policy Max is offering the highest interest rates for our Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs). For those who know, TEPs has been around for some time. It is no surprised that this industry is offering a better interest rate than New Endowment Policies. At Policy Max, we will help you to do a comparison and to find you the highest interest rates. To guarantee your pay-out is the highest with shorter tenure. We are offering a policy with Maximize, Assurance and eXtra

Frequent Ask Questions

Traded endowment policies are also known as second hand endowments that procured from the original policy owner. PolicyMax makes these endowment policies available for take over by sophisticated buyers.

An Absolute Assignment is a legal transfer of the ownership (all rights, benefits and liabilities) of a policy completely from the existing policyholder (Assignor) to the new policyholder (Assignee) without any terms and conditions.

The policy will be treated as one of your assets, similar to other investments, property, or money in bank accounts that you may own. Upon your demise, the policy may be assigned, surrendered or sold to another party by the executor of your estate.

The insurance company will require that any nomination or beneficiary be removed prior to an assignment. The policy you take over will be free from any nomination or beneficiary.