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Sell your Insurance Policies to us, PolicyMax can pay you much more than surrendering the policies.

3 Simple Steps For Highest Immediate Cash

Step 1: SG#1 Highest Quotation –

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No obligation and commitment required.

Step 2: Set a Date to Transfer –

Upon agreement, we will meet at respective insurers’ customer service centre for the policy transfer process.

Whole Process takes only 15 minutes.

Step 3: Payment On the Spot – IMMEDIATE

Upon signing and completion of documents, PolicyMAX will pay cash cheque on the spot.

Why Choose PolicyMax?

SG#1 Highest Value

Sell us your policy for higher cash value, at PolicyMax we pay you much more than surrendering your policies.

Immediate Payment

At your convenience, PolicyMax pays you cash cheque on the spot upon confirming of the selling us the policies.

Hassle-Free Application

With strong documentation support, the whole process takes only 30 minutes.

SG#1 Trusted Partner

PolicyMax’s has been the people’s choice when it comes to selling your policies to us. Over years, we have helped many individuals to overcome their difficulties.

SG#1 Dedicated Teams

We have a strong teams with more than 5 years of experience in the financial industry. Done over 50 policy valuations daily.

Code of Conduct

Our team works within a written honour code, guaranteeing our clients will always be treated with respect and honesty. Our goal is to create long lasting, enjoyable relationships with our clients.

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Case Studies

Looking for Highest Quotation

Whenever you terminate or surrender your insurance policy directly to the Insurer, the money you receive back would be little or close to nil. However, fret not as we have a solution for all these!

PolicyMax provides you the highest quotation in Singapore when you wish to sell your insurance policy to us. So, do not compare and hesitate anymore as you will receive the highest payout from us on the spot.

Singapore Highest Quotation

Selling your Endowment Policy?

Selling your Life Policy?

If you are thinking to sell your insurance policy,

you are at the right place.

Singapore highest Quotation / Cash for your insurance policy.

Fastest cash payment on the spot! Apart from surrendering, selling will get you much more cash than you ever imagine!

Unaffordable Premiums

Are you feeling suffocated due to owning multiple insurance policies and wishes to reduce your monthly premiums?

Relieve your financial commitments when you sell some of your unwanted insurance policies to us.

Most Policyholder mentioned, “Selling my insurance policy definitely help to ease my commitments”

Redundant Policies

Have you ever felt that you have so many policies but don’t really understand what these policies are?

It is for savings?

Or it is for coverage?

You might be puzzled on how these policies can help you in the event of downturn. Based on our data, 1/3 of our clients shared with us that they have more than 2 policies that don’t serve their needs. You can talk to us for those policies that don’t serve your needs and obtain a higher cash than your surrender value.

Frequently Ask Questions

There are currently no MAS administered regulations which govern the sale, purchase and distribution of traded or resale endowment or whole life insurance policies.

Yes, the policy can be sold. It will be done through a process called Absolute Assignment which is the transfer of ownership from yourself to our company. The forms are provided by the respective insurers, and the whole process will be done over their customer service centre and witness by them. And we will pay you cash cheque on the spot upon signing.

Yes, the ownership of the insurance policy is transferable via Absolute Assignment. It is a legal transfer of the ownership (all rights, benefits, and liabilities) of a policy completely from one person to another.

Assignment of a life insurance policy means transfer of rights from one person to another. You can transfer the rights on your life insurance policy to another person/entity for various reasons. This process is referred to as Assignment and is governed under Policies of Assurance Act (Chapter 392). The person who assigns the insurance policy is called the Assignor (policy owner) and the one to whom the policy has been assigned, i.e. the person to whom the policy rights have been transferred is called the Assignee.

Only the policy owner of the life insurance policy can assign the policy.

PolicyMAX will pay in Cash Cheque upon signing and submission of the documents

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